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When college resumes, Serena suggests so you’re able to Dan that she dumped Aaron and you may you to definitely she nonetheless likes him

When college resumes, Serena suggests so you’re able to Dan that she dumped Aaron and you may you to definitely she nonetheless likes him

Dan prompts their own to help you, and provide her enough believe to do it. Although not, he discovers you to definitely recently Chuck and Blair utilized Vanessa in a single of their games and you can chooses to generate doubt in the Blair more than exactly what Chuck would say. This means that, Chuck and Blair be much more during the potential than ever. Serena acknowledges to help you Dan you to definitely she truly imagine he may let Blair be courageous. Dan realizes he screwed-up and you may says to Chuck you to definitely Blair is browsing inform you how she sensed up until he eliminated their unique Mehr Boni. Just after watching Nate hug Jenny with the Hearsay Girl, Dan kicks Nate from the attic (There could be Blood). Into the Bonfire of one’s Vanity, Dan try rented to track down inside details about Chuck’s dad, Bart, to make use of for the a papers.

Meanwhile, Serena has begun relationships Aaron Rose, an artist whose tasks are exhibited at Rufus’ gallery, but actually revealing their own class girl earlier

The guy starts getting together with Bart, acting become seeking his team, but Chuck was suspicious. Once ending up in a source, Dan learns you to Bart burned off an establishing years ago to gather insurance policies money. Chuck tells Bart you to Dan try browsing expose your, up coming requires Dan never to so you’re able to. Dan decides to post Bart the story the guy typed regarding the Chuck, in which he experienced guilty of his mom’s death, therefore causes this new Trout men are nearer. Toward Thanksgiving, Dan says the latest Georgina matter in order to Aaron, and you will Serena gets frustrated which he found some of her treasures in order to him.

not, Serena denies him to go to Buenos Aires which have Aaron, knowing Rufus and you will Lily come into like (O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

In the It is a stunning Lie, Aaron’s ex lover Lexi involves off and gets seeking Dan. The guy agrees when deciding to take their own to your Snowflake Ball while the his big date, and you will Serena discovers you to definitely Lexi rests with dudes towards the first day. She discussions whether or not to alert him, and you will really does therefore at moving. Once a short disagreement, it share with additional your very first time that they had sex is actually ideal night possibly has actually had. Once Bart’s funeral, Dan knows the guy continues to have ideas to possess Serena and you will tries to share with their own during the Eleanor and Cyrus Rose’s wedding.

They invest in get back together, however their pleasure are brief whenever Rufus isn’t supporting. They look for clues as to why, however, get a hold of nothing. But not, Dan learns of Chuck that years back, Lily had Rufus’ baby one she build to have adoption (On the Arena of the fresh Basses). The guy tries to ensure that it it is undetectable regarding Serena, but informs Vanessa. Meanwhile, Nelly Yuki takes his mobile and you may and Penelope Shafai, Hazel Williams, and you can Isabel Coates, they tip-off Hearsay Girl; whom releases the content from inside the a great time. Adopting the dust settles, Dan admits so you’re able to Serena which he really performed should tell her however, Rufus generated your perhaps not. They intend to be successful in spite of the disclosure (Gone to your Often). Dan will get acknowledged toward Yale inside You really have Yale!, it is disappointed whenever Serena admits she desires go to Brownish and not Yale. The guy and additionally meets their unique the newest Shakespeare professor Rachel Carr, just who the guy starts to hang out which have. The two develop intimate, bonding more its mutual demand for literature and you may writing. Blair, who is given detention once hazing Rachel, exacts revenge by the distributed a rumor one to Dan and you will Rachel is actually having an affair. Whenever you are from the dinner, Rachel is extremely disappointed into the development and you can Dan hugs her to help you comfort their. Exterior, Serena witnesses case and you can says to Blair, who says to the fresh new Parent Panel. If you’re Blair are interviewing them, Dan and Serena breakup. This new committee ballots so you’re able to fire Rachel, and you will after it’s over, she and you may Dan bed to one another (Carrnal Knowledge). Rachel turns up during the rehearsal into the older have fun with the Decades out-of Innocence, and you may she and you may Dan coincide for the notes. They generate intentions to hook up within her flat, but Rufus intercepts the newest note and goes into Dan’s place. Just before beginning evening, Dan and you will Rachel features sex from the costume cabinet. Adopting the abilities, he finds out Rachel advised Yale that she was hazed of the Blair, charging their unique her allowed. He closes anything together with her, and you will she productivity in order to Iowa (Age Disagreement).

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