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25 fun icebreakers for virtual meetings

Ask your team how they are in a different way this time – try it with a poll. When most people hear the word “meeting”, they think of sleepy faces, dull atmosphere, and wasted time. The key is, you cannot share the same commonality with anyone else.

In remote meetings with large amounts of participants or you are very short on time, asking people to speak up and share on camera can be tricky. Chat Waterfall is an effective way of getting contributions from large groups and avoiding cross-talk. This playful method creates a powerful shared picture of the feelings in the group.

Virtual Ice Breakers: Games & Ideas for Meetings

If you have time, ask for a few people to share a story behind their shoes or even get people in breakouts to discuss in small groups. You can even modify this activity to have your group vote on the best pair of shoes or story! We love the fact this icebreaker is incredibly simple but always invites fun and creativity into the meeting. Virtual games can also serve to encourage behaviours or introduce concepts that will be useful for later in the meeting.

If you have a large remote team, these feelings are likely to be heightened due to additional pressure. One way to overcome these feelings is to introduce Zoom icebreakers for large groups into your team building activities. Before icebreakers for virtual meetings engaging in an online brainstorming session, use this game to inspire creativity among your team. Alternatively, make this a weekly virtual meeting icebreaker activity by selecting a different subject before your meetings.

Effective Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings

You could also tie this to an existing superhero, or even a feature film (since most of them seem to be about superheroes these days). With a partner, find the 3 most unlikely / unusual / unique things you have in common with each other. In this short and very physical energizer, the group shakes out their bodies one limb at a time. Starting with eight shakes of the right arm, then eight shakes of the left, eight shakes of the right leg, then eight shakes of the left. It continues with a round of four shakes of each limb, then two, then one, ending in a big cheer. A good energizer when time is limited and the main aim is to get people moving.

21 Zoom Icebreakers For Big Groups That’ll Save The Day – Bustle

21 Zoom Icebreakers For Big Groups That’ll Save The Day.

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